Central QLD BJJ Gradings

I did a tour of Central Queensland teaching in Mackay, Rockhampton and Yeppoon. In Mackay I taught a BJJ seminar and then the next night held a BJJ grading. I then went to Rockhampton and Yeppoon and held BJJ gradings there.

David Garnham runs Mackay MMA, Josh Barwick runs CQMMA in Rockhampton and Nathan O’Connor runs Rhino MMA in Yeppoon. All the students did fantastic.

I also promoted all the instructors promoting David and Josh to Blue Belt 2nd stripe and Nathan O’ Çonnor to Blue Belt.

Yeppoon BJJ Grading March 2014

Rockhampton BJJ Grading March 2014

Mackay BJJ Grading March 2014


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