BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) Grading December 2016

What a night in Sydney on  7th December at the BJJ (Brazilian Jiu jItsu) grading at SPMA Concord. A night to remember! The end of year grading is an event to celebrate many milestones with your fellow students, team mates and friends. There were a lot of highlights!

I awarded Tony Pycroft and Sari Redzeposki their BJJ Black Belt. Both are very well deserving and inspirational students. They followed different paths to achieve Black Belt. Tony started BJJ in 2009, has won many competitions at all belt levels including Australian and Pan Pacific titles and is a great coach. And what many people don’t know is that he lives 100km from SPMA Concord! Sari started BJJ in 2002, has also won many competitions at all belt levels including Australian and Pan Pacific titles and is a great coach. Sari is the first female from SPMA to receive her BJJ Black Belt. They are both great students, competitors and coaches and have a passion for BJJ. I am proud of both of them.

Congratulations to all the new coloured belts! Andrew Mills, Jeff Micallef, David Greenup and Michael DeMarco were awarded their BJJ Purple Belt. Nathan Maitre, Ante Jaksic, Joseph Frangos Young and Michael Ali were awarded their BJJ Blue Belt.

Congratulations to all the other 50 students who graded for their stripes from White Belt 1st stripe to Purple Belt 2nd stripe.

The grading started with new black belt promotions and ended with Black Belt degrees being presented. Dean Vella and Victor Fox were awarded their 2nd Degree BJJ Black Belt and Steve Micallef was awarded his 1st Degree BJJ Black Belt.

The technique demonstrated on the night from all the students who graded was flawless (Aim for perfection!).

Special congrats goes to Adam Assuncao who demonstrated 50 Blue Belt techniques, 60 Purple Belt techniques, 50 Brown Belt techniques and 40 Black Belt techniques (200 in total) on the night to be awarded his stripe on his Brown Belt. And he did it flawlessly and by memory!

We had 10 black belts in attendance and 42 students who were Blue Belt and above turn up to grade and support. And let’s not forget the 50 white belts in attendance. It was a great attendance for our end of year grading.

A very big thank you goes to my great staff and great coaches Sari Redzeposki, Adam Assuncao, Philip Kim and Nobby Kuandyk. They are passionate about teaching like I am and want everyone to do their best.

Thank you to everyone who attended to make the night extra special.

See you on the mat (but I will see you first at our Christmas party!).

Anthony Perosh

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