Muay Thai Kickboxing Grading December 2016

Another great night in Sydney of reaching milestones and celebrating at the SPMA Concord Thai Kickboxing grading on Thursday 8th December. A new Black T-Shirt was awarded, 2 new Purple T-Shirts, a Blue T-Shirt and a number of Red, Orange and Yellow T-shirts were awarded.

Congratulations to new Purple T-shirts Dean Young and Cameron Lockey. After a warm up, demonstrating great technique and padwork they got through 10 rounds of sparring including shark tank!

Congratulations to Nathan Maitre who graded to Blue T-shirt after demonstrating great technique, padwork and 8 rounds of sparring.

Congratulations to the other 40 students who graded to Yellow, Orange and Red T-Shirt.

The night ended with Sari Redzeposki being awarded her Black T-Shirt in Thai Kickboxing. After 14 years of training, competing and coaching she is now the first female at SPMA to receive her Black T-Shirt.

Everyone demonstrated great technique. A very big thank you goes to my great staff and great coaches Sari Redzeposki, Adam Assuncao, Philip Kim and Nobby Kuandyk for helping everyone achieve their goals.

See you on the mat (but I will see you at our Christmas Party first!).

Anthony Perosh

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