3 BJJ comps in Sydney in 3 weekends

SPMA Concord won a bag of medals and team trophies in 3 BJJ (Brazilian Jiu jItsu) comps in 3 weekends in Sydney.

SPMA Concord’s team of 35 students won 12 gold, 16 silver and 5 Bronze medals at the Sydney Cup BJJ Circuit competition on Sunday 30th April. It was one of our club’s best ever performance at a single event. On top of that our club is part of the Will-Machado team and our team won 1st place for adults and 3rd place for Kids. Outstanding effort!

Gold medals were won by Steve Rudic (Double), Grant Barlow, Frances Bavaro, Sam Senan, Rebecca Beuk, Darren Chee, Zack Kybali, Guy Vaccaro, John Kim, Axl Howie and Sam Cassanitti.

Silver medals were won by Michael Su, Michael Lai (Double), Michael De Marco, Steve Rudic, Grant Barlow, Ethan Zahra, Frances Bavaro, Cooba Watkins, Mike Ryan, Zack Kybali (Double), Mason Elias, Guy Vaccaro, Kyzar Jing and Amelia Roufas.

Bronze medals were won by Michael Su, Michael Ali, Jakib Hossain, Damian Iacono and Natasha Iacono.

SPMA Concord's team of 14 students won 6 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze medals at the Grappling Industries competition on 7th May.

Gold to Nurbolat Kuandyk, Ante Jaksic, Amelia Roufas, Kobe Harb and Sam Cassaniti (double). Silver to Kobe Harb, Natasha Iacono (double), Anthony Roufas and Axl Howie. Bronze to Nurbolat Kuandyk, John Biona (double), Damian Iacono (double), Anthony Roufas, Alexei Fotheringham and Axl Howie.

Team SPMA won the team trophy for Kids Gi and Kids Nogi.

SPMA Concord's team of 23 students won 6 gold, 10 silver and 6 bronze medals at the NSW BJJ Autumn Cup competition on 14th March.

Gold to Michael De Marco, Sam Senan (Double), Frances Bavaro, Rebecca Beuk and Jeremiah Diestro. Silver to Steve Rudic, Daniel Kwasnica, Zack Kybali, Rebecca Beuk, Kyzar Jing, Kobe Harb, Amelia Roufas, Emma Hunt, Jayda LaFleur and Axl Howie. Bronze to Zack Kbayli, Asad Malik, Jake Herrera, Keegan LaFleur, Natasha Iacono and Sam Cassaniti.

The Will-Machado team came 3rd in Adults Gi and second in Adults Nogi teams trophies.

Well done to all SPMA Concord students who competed. And a big thank you to all you came to support.

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