Aus Sub Only BJJ comp results February 2018

We had 2 adults and 4 kids win 4 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze medals at the AUS SUB ONLY comp on Sunday 4th February. Daniel Diaz won gold, Sam Cassaniti double gold, Axyl Howie gold and silver, Damian Iacono 2 silvers and Dante Barbanera silver and bronze. Well done everyone!

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Adults BJJ

Kids BJJ

See you on the mat.

Coach Anthony Perosh

Aus_Sub_Only_Adults_BJJ_Sydney_February_2018 Aus_Sub_Only_Kids_BJJ_Sydney_February_2018


Muay Thai Development Day February 2018 Results

John Kim lost a close match is his Muay Thai Kickboxing debut at the Muaythai Australia NSW Development Day on Saturday 3rd May. The Muay Thai Development Day was held at Double Double Dragon Martial Arts Gymin Sutherland. Thank you to Peter Mrsnik for cornering and to everyone who came and supported. Well done John!

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Adults Muay Thai Kickboxing

Kids Muay Thai Kickboxing

See you on the mat.

Coach Anthony Perosh

MTA_NSW_Development_Day_Sydney_February_2018_2 MTA_NSW_Development_Day_Sydney_February_2018_1


UAEBJJ Australian Pro Jiu Jitsu Results January 2018

A gold and 2 silver medals for Team Perosh at the UAEBJJ Pro Australian Championships in Melbourne today 28th January.

Frances Bavaro won 1 gold and 1 silver medal in the female adults purple belt division. She lost the final by 2 points in the last 30 seconds of her weight division. Then in the open division she won her first match beating the girl who beat her earlier on and then went on to win the final by submission!

Axl Howie won silver in the kids division. He won his first match and then lost in the final. He was put up one belt group and also weight group.

I will post more action shots when I get them.

Well done to both of you!

See you on the mat.

Coach AP

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Events BJJ team results

Events BJJ Sydney Results 21st January

Congrats to the 26 Team Perosh students who competed at the Events BJJ competition 21st January in Sydney. The 13 adults and 13 kids won a combined 11 gold, 12 silver and 11 bronze medals.

Gold went to Michael Tony Pycroft (Double), De Marco (Triple), James Zai (Double), Luca De Bonis, John Biona, John Kim and Sam Cassaniti.

Silver to Michael De Marco, Nathan Maitre (Double), Daniel Diaz, Natasha Skvorc, Luca De Bonis, John Kim, Axyl Howie, Keegan La Fleur, Harry Herrera, Dante Barbanera and Brigite Massih.

Bronze to Anthony Lapi, Elyssa Mastroianni, Philip Craparotta, Daniel Markovski, Nathan Maitre, Aaron Walsh, Jake Herrera, Amelia Roufas, Anthony Roufas, Jayda La Fleur, and Lewis Massih.

Team Machado won 2 out of 3 team trophies. See photo below.

Click here for the full results and photos.

See you on the mat.

Coach AP

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Events BJJ team results


Australian Girls In Gi BJJ comp Sydney December 2017

The last BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) competition of the year is done and dusted. The Australian Girls in Gi comp was last Sunday 10th December in Sydney.

It was a round robin format and only gold medals were awarded at this comp.

Congrats to Amelia and Jayda on winning double gold each in gi and nogi. Congrats to Aston, Natasha, Emma, Bridget and Sienna who all did their best.

Big thanks to Matthew Hunt, Frances Bavaro and Mike La Fleur for helping with the coaching.

See you on the mat.

Anthony Perosh
Head Coach



Grappling Industries BJJ results Sydney December 2017

Team Perosh had 10 kids and 5 adults win 8 gold, 8 silver and 1 bronze medal at the Grappling Industries comp in Sydney on 3rd December.

Gold to Guy Vaccaro, Aston Chee, Wayne Fotheringham, Damian Iacono, Axyl Howie, Alexei Fotheringham and Jake Lapi (Double). Silver to Guy Vaccaro, Damian Iacono, Kobe Harb (Double), Sam Cassaniti (Double) , Axyl Howie, Alexei Fotheringham. Bronze to Natasha Iacono.

Well done to the whole team!

Anthony Perosh
Head Coach


UFN MMA results Sydney December 2017

Team Perosh fighters Nelson Issac Modit Mayan and Nathan Maitre both won their MMA matches by unanimous decision at Urban Fight Night - MMA promotion in Liverpool on 2nd December.

They put in fantastic performances to get the wins.

Big thanks to cornermen Philip Kim, Nurbolat Kuandyk, Joey Belfiore and Hazza Houdinii.

And a big thanks to everyone who came to support.

See you on the mat.

Anthony Perosh
Head Coach


I made my pro wrestling debut!

I made my pro wrestling debut on Friday 1st December! Big thanks to AWE - Australian Wrestling Entertainment for having me on their show! Check out their Facebook page for photos and video.

You can also click here for all the photos.

Click here for a quick video!


NSW BJJ Summer Cup Sydney results November 2017

An amazing performance by the Team Perosh MMA Academy at the recent NSW BJJ Summer Cup held in Sydney on 26th November. Our team of 16 kids and 20 adults won a combined 11 gold, 17 silver and 7 bronze medals.

Frances Bavaro (Double), Rebecca Beuk (Double), Mason Elias (Double), Damian Iacono, Amelia Roufas, Sam Cassaniti and Jake Lapi won gold. Sam Senan (Double), John Kim (Triple), Matthew Thomspon, Mike La Fleur, Lewis Massih, Bridget Massih, Keegan La Fleur, Jayda La Fleur, Natasha Iacono, Emma Hunt, Aryan Singh, Anthony Roufas, Axyl Howie and Campbell Lahoud won Silver. Aron Walsh, Aston Chee, Natasha Skvorc, Andrew Huynh, Dominic Lees, Jeremiah Diestro and Julian Tsitos won bronze.

We also had 8 students compete for the very first time!

On top of that our academy is part of Team Will-Machado and Team Will-Machado came second in the teams divisions for adults gi, adults nogi and kids.

Well done to everyone that competed and everyone that came to support!

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See you on the mat.



UFC Fight Night Sydney November 2017

I caught up with my coaches Mike Winkeljohn and Chad Smith from JacksonWink MMA and met some new friends Marcin Tybura, Kamil "Profesor" Umiński and their team. Hanging out after the fights at Cockle Bay in the city after the UFC Fight Night held in Sydney yesterday.