Anthony Perosh on MMA Kanvas talking about coward punching

UFC fighters unite against ‘coward punchers’

There is no link with MMA to coward punching and the violence on Sydney streets. That is my opinion and the opinion of the majority of people. Unfortunately there is a very small minority out there who cause trouble on the streets of Sydney. Here is an interview I recently did with Adam Ireland of MMA Kanvas talking about MMA, coward punchers and violence on Sydney streets.


UFC 2013 Fun Fact: Shortest fight of the year

UFC 2013 Fun Fact: Shortest fight of the year

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year. Time to get back to training. My two gyms opened up for 2014 on Monday 6th January with the full timetable. It was great to be back and see so many students on day one.

The UFC tweeted this at the start of the year ...#UFC2013 Facts: shortest fight of the year, @AnthonyPerosh vs @VinnyMMA, 14 seconds at #UFC 163.

Here is the video.