UFC Fight Night 55 Sydney Perosh

I won by RNC in the first round!

I won my fight at UFC Fight Night 55 in Sydney on 8th November defeating Guto Inocente by Rear Naked Choke in the first round. It was great to get the win and do it in front of my home crowd.

The match all went to plan. I did my favourite strikes, favourite takedown, favourite half guard pass to mount, my favourite ground and pound from mount and finished with my favourite choke. Big thanks to my coaches and cornermen Steve Rudic, Shaun Sullivan and Denis Roberts. And a big thank you to Greg Jackson and Mike Winklejohn for making me feel welcome and coaching me when I went to their gym in Albuquerque in preparation for this fight.

About 10,000 fans filled the Allphones arena and they saw 5 out of 8 Aussies finish with the win. All 11 fights on the card

The day before was a close call as I had to strip down naked for the weigh in and weighed in at the maximum 206 pounds (93.6kg) but I made it and was able to rehydrate well.
Thanks to my sponsors Venum Fight Gear, Booster Fight Gear and Training Mask for sponsoring me for this fight. Thanks to KO reps and Paul Dallow for organising my sponsors.

Finally but not lastly a big thank you to my sparring partners, students, family and friends for all of their support.

Here’s a video with highlights of my win and highlights of all 11 matches on the card. I will post some photos of the events soon.