NSW BJJ Summer Cup Team Perosh Sydney November 2018

NSW BJJ Federation Summer Cup Results

Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts had 23 students win 11 gold, 11 silver and 1 bronze medals at the NSW BJJ Federation Summer Cup in Sydney on 25th November!
Gold medals were won by to Michael De Marco, James Zai, Julian Tsitsos (Double), Kosta Panayi, Jake Herrera, Damian Iacono, Kobe Harb, Aryan Singh, Natasha Iacono and Axyl Howie. Silver medals were won by Michael De Marco, Guy Vaccaro, James Zai, Julian Tsitsos (Double), Darren Chism, Campbell Lahoud, Dante Barbanera, Brigitte Massih, Lewis Massih and Angelina Pan. Bronze medals were won by Olivia Hu.
Team Perosh is part of Team Will-Machado and Will-Machado won the 2nd place trophy in the Kids Team Category and 3rd in the Adults and Masters Nogi category.
Big congrats to everyone that competed!
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See you on the mat.
Coach AP
NSW BJJ Summer Cup Team Perosh Sydney November 2018
AP vs Dave Frendin - on his back

Anthony Perosh MMA debut highlights of 3 matches

Today is the 15 year anniversary on when I made my MMA debut at Spartan 8 on the Gold Coast.

I entered an 8 man tournament and won all 3 matches by submission to win the tournament. All the other 7 competitors were experienced and some of them had undefeated records. The video had my walk out song Kickstart My Heart playing but Facebook blocked it!

About 6 months earlier I received my BJJ Black Belt. I had decided to stop my BJJ competition and start competing in MMA. My MMA career lasted 12 years, 25 fights, 15 wins and 5 of my wins in the UFC.

My goal now is to coach and help my students achieve their goals. And I want them all to do much better than me!

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See you on the mat.

Coach AP

#thegoalistoachivetheperformancerequiredtowin #nochill#kickstartmyheart

Mackay MMA BJJ Grading Nov 2018

Affiliate BJJ gradings and seminars in Mackay and Brisbane

I taught a BJJ seminar and attended a BJJ grading at Team Perosh BJJ Affiliate academies Mackay MMA and Advance Martial Arts in Mackay and Brisbane last week.

At Mackay MMA extra special congrats to new BJJ Blue Belt Nadia, new BJJ Purpe Belt Toni and to Head Coach David Garnham for grading to Brown Belt 4th Stripe. A great couple of days!

At Advance Martial Arts extra special congrats to new BJJ Black Belt John and to new first degree BJJ Black Belt Lenny. At the end I presented Head Coach Matt Cooper with his 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt.

Thank you to everyone who came to my BJJ seminar  and congratulations to everyone who graded.

For a full list of Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts affiliate academies click here https://teamperoshmma.com.au/affiliates/

Team Perosh Grand Opening

Dinner with Carlos Machado, Greg Jackson and John Danaher

I had dinner with BJJ and MMA super coaches Carlos Machado, Greg Jackson and John Danaher at a restaurant in Burwood in Inner West Sydney. Carlos and Greg were in town as part of the Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts Grand Opening. John was teaching BJJ seminars in Sydney. We were also joined by Fari, Frank and my fiancée Ana. A good night.

Coach AP

Team Perosh Grand Opening

Team Perosh Grand Opening Day 2

The second day of our Grand Opening was just as good as the first!

Greg Jackson from Jackson-Wink taught a 3 hour seminar to open up the day. In the afternoon Marcus “Buchecha” Almedia and Leandro Lo taught a 3 hour BJJ seminar. We had an opening ceremony and lunch in between the seminars. Knockout Nutrition from Five Dock was handing out free samples and Champ Mouthguards were fitting custom mouthguards. We finished the day off with gi open mat.

Here are a few photos of the day.

Team Perosh Grand Opening


Team Perosh Grand Opening Day 1

What a great first day of our Grand Opening! And there is still one more day today.

Brad Riddell taught a great striking seminar. Then over lunch we had Champ Mouthguards fitting custom mouthguards and Precision Athletica providing free treatment. My BJJ coach taught a BJJ seminar first to adults and then kids. We finished the day off with nogi open mat.

Lots of photos coming soon!

Team Perosh Grand Opening


Team Perosh Grand Opening this weekend

The Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts’ grand opening is this weekend!

We have organised 4 monster seminars two striking and two BJJ. The two BJJ seminars are my BJJ coach Carlos Machado on Saturday and then World BJJ Champions Marcus “Buchecha” and Leandro Lo on Sunday. For striking we have Former World Kickboxing Champion and UFC coach Brad Riddell and my MMA coach and one of the best MMA coaches in the world Greg Jackson.

The opening ceremony will be on Sunday 18th November at 1pm.

The Team Perosh Grand Opening has 3 sponsors attending the event. Precision Athletica will be there Saturday 11.30am – 12.30pm providing free physio. CHAMP Mouthguards will be there providing custom moutghuards at 15% off from 11am to 2pm on both days. Knockout Nutrition Five Dock will be providing free samples on Sunday from 12pm to 2pm.

And don’t forget our pro shop and Kimura Kafe will be open from 9.30am till close on both days.

Go our Facebook events page and book in for one or all of the seminars.

Can’t wait! See you all there!



Team Perosh Girls in Gi competition results

Congrats to Team Perosh students who competed in the Australian Girls in Gi. Only gold medals are awarded. Gold went to Natasha Iacono (Double), Jayda La Fleur (Double), Emma Hunt and Brigette Massih. Team Perosh at Five Dock hosted the event. Well done to everyone that competed!



Development Day in Muay Thai Kickboxing results

Team Perosh student Stef Boitano made her debut at the Muay Thai Kickboxing Development Day last weekend. It is run by the MTA. She lost a close decision. Well done to Stef and thank you to everyone who came to support!

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Adults Muay Thai Kickboxing https://teamperoshmma.com.au/muay-thai-kickboxing/

Kids Muay Thai Kickboxing https://teamperoshmma.com.au/kids-muay-thai-kickboxing/

See you on the mat.

Coach Anthony Perosh



Team Perosh Affiliate BJJ seminar in Nowra

I taught a BJJ seminar at Team Perosh Affiliate BJJ academy Kemp’s Thai Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts last Friday night. I taught my favourite sub the Kimura and lots of set ups, finishes and trouble shooting. Thank you to Coach Richard Kemp and his academy for inviting me and for your usual great hospitality!