Urban Fight Night MMA results

Last night was one of those learning experiences for Team Perosh! Our fighters went 1 win 3 losses at the Urban Fight Night MMA show Friday 29th November.

Joey Befiore won a split decision in a tough match which was all stand up. Albert Roncal, Lucas Angelakos and Harry Smith lost their matches. It was Albert’s second match and Lucas and Harry were making their debut. They all had their chances to win but sometimes it doesn’t go your way. Well done everyone.

We had 4 fighters on the night so needed a lot of help backstage. Thank you to cornerman Nobby, Phil, Nelson, Greg and Hari for getting our fighters ready.

Thank you to everyone who came to support our fighters at Urban Fight Night. You’re the best!

See you back at training.

Coach AP

MMA at Team Perosh


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Macquarie Uni 2

BJJ & Muay Thai Grading at Macquarie Uni

I taught a grading at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts affiliate BJJ academy Macquarie Uni on Wednesday night. Big congrats to everyone who graded and extra congrats to new BJJ Blue Belt Steven! Well done to head coach Victor Fox on getting everyone ready for their grading.

For a full list of Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts affiliate academies and information on becoming a Team Perosh affiliate click below.


See you on the mat.

Coach AP

Macquarie Uni 1 Macquarie Uni 2

BJJ Summer Cup

NSW BJJ Summer Cup Results

Team Perosh MMA Five Dock had 23 students compete at the NSW BJJ Summer Cup last Sunday. They won 7 gold, 7 silver and 7 bronze medals.

Gold was won by Damian Iacono, Kobe Harb, Axyl Howie, Jake Lapi, Dante Barbanea, Isaac Herodotou and Elyse Lapi. Silver was won by Steve Kim, Darren Chism (Double), Luca Pangalo, Natasha Iacono, Aryan Singh and Lewis Massih. Bronze was won by Steve Kim (Double), Darren Chism, Alek Barsic, Johnny DiBiase, Antonio Fara and Brigitte Massih.

Well done to Team Perosh affiliate Academies Pure Jiu-Jitsu, Movement Martial Arts, Elite Martial Arts and Giant Martial Arts who put in competitors and had podium finishes winning a combined 8 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals.

You can check out all the Team Perosh results by clicking on the link https://afbjj.smoothcomp.com/en/event/1908/results

You can click here for all the photos.

Thank you to everyone who came to support Team Perosh at the NSW BJJ Summer Cup.

Adults BJJ at Team Perosh


Kids BJJ at Team Perosh


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BJJ Summer Cup

BJJ Black Belt 2

New BJJ Black Belt in Mackay and 7 in Brisbane

I taught a BJJ seminar on Wednesday night last week and then the next day at the grading I had the honour of presenting David Garnham with his BJJ Black Belt on Thursday last week in Mackay.

David is the owner and head coach of Mackay MMA and has been a Team Perosh affiliate for over 6 years. David has been training for 12 years and been teaching for most of that. The black belt was well over due but we still put him through a 20 x 3-minute round shark tank. He put in a stella performance like he has for the past 12 years.

It was a great night which was shared by his great students, family and friends. Congratulations David!

I taught a BJJ seminar on Friday night last week and then attended the grading at Team Perosh affiliate academy Advance Martial Arts in Brisbane. No less than 7 BJJ Black Belts were awarded by Head Coach Matt Cooper along with a number of new Blue, Purple and Brown Belts. Matt Cooper is a 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt under Anthony. It was a great weekend. Congratulations to everyone.

BJJ Black Belt 1 BJJ Black Belt 2


Double Double gold!

Team Perosh student Axyl Howie did a double double on the weekend. He won double gold in gi and nogi divisions in 2 comps in 2 days at the ISKA BJJ comp and Little Heroes BJJ comp. That’s 4 gold medals from 4 divisions. Well done Axyl at both ISKA BJJ and Little Heroes BJJ comps!

Adults BJJ at Team Perosh

Kids BJJ at Team Perosh

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Superfight MMA 14 Results

Team Perosh fighters Andrew Khare, Nelson Mayan and Emil Jeries had their mma fights last Friday night on Superfight MMA. Team Perosh went 2 wins 1 loss on the night on a great fight card. Nelson and Emil won their matches by TKO in the first round. Andrew lost his match in the second round. You win or learn in martial arts!

Thank you to all the cornermen who helped out and to everyone who came to support from Team Perosh. We had an amazing show of support at the event. I am very proud of not only our fighters but everyone who helped out and supported at Superfight MMA 14!

MMA at Team Perosh

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Superfight MMA 14


Sydney BJJ Open 1

Sydney BJJ Open Gold x 2!

Team Perosh had 2 kids compete at the Sydney BJJ Open last Sunday. Axyl Howie won gold and silver and Natasha Iacono won gold. Big congrats to both of them who competed at the Sydney BJJ Open!

Adults BJJ at Team Perosh

Kids BJJ at Team Perosh

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Sydney BJJ Open 1 Sydney BJJ Open 2