Dubbo bjj

Team Perosh affiliate Dubbo BJJ grading & seminar

I taught a BJJ grading and at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts affiliate Dubbo BJJ on Wednesday 22nd January.

Big congrats to everyone who graded and extra congrats to new BJJ Purple Belt Logan, new BJJ Blue Belt Bryan and new Grey Belt Riley!. Well done to Head coach Jerryn Biles for getting everyone ready for their grading.

The seminar was no gi and we focussed on takedowns, guard posture and passing and back takes. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Coach AP

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Dubbo bjj

European BJJ

Team Perosh BJJ student competing at European BJJ Championship

Team Perosh student Guy Vaccaro is competing today at the European BJJ Championship in Lisbon, Portugal.

Below are links to his bracket and also video of his match live. He will be on at 11.58pm tonight on mat 7.

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Let’s all help each other achieve our 2020 goals!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts are back open in 2020 with our full timetable! We actually have been back running our full timetable since Thursday 2nd January. If you haven’t come back to training yet now is the time.

With a new year comes new goals. What are your goals? I would love to hear them and then help you achive them. If you haven’t already, write your 2020 goals, make a plan and then show me!

Finally, we have to think of others in this time of crisis with the drought and bushfires across Australia. Team Perosh MMA want to keep helping where we can. During our Christmas party last year, we had a raffle which raised $447.00 for the bushfire appeal. Let’s keep it going until we all get over this crisis. Click here to donate. We started the tally off for Team Perosh by donating a further $447.00 ourselves.

Donate now https://www.facebook.com/donate/484306309177521/

Coach AP