• TPMMA Covid-19 Induction Form

    Welcome back to training at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts. We missed you! We hope you are all ok and have been keeping safe.

    There are a lot of new changes. We have put it all below for you to read.

    We are also using this time to make sure we have all your correct contact details, membership details and what your goals are!

    Please take the time to read all the information and complete each question below. The information below is also your induction form in returning to training. You only need to complete this the first time your register. You can then go in and update your details later if needed.

    Please be patient with all the new changes. We will get through this!


  • Contact details

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Medical questions

  • Tell us about your goals

  • Social Media


    Rules To Follow All The Time

    • Students, Parents and Visitors must keep 1.5m distancing at all times.
    • No visitors or parents inside the gym. Drop offs and pick-ups only.
    • When saying hi or bye, you can wave, thumbs up, bow, elbow bump or namaste.
    • No sharing of equipment permitted.
    • No showers or changing allowed.
    • No access to male and female bathroom. Disabled bathroom only.
    • Students can only do 1 class per day and maximum 3 classes per week.
    • Listen to the staff and coaches’ instructions at all times.
    • No discrimination of any kind will be tolerated on the premises.
    • Follow the instructions of the COVID19 posters regarding hand washing, sneezing and keeping 1.5m distance around the gym.

    Rules to follow before class

    • Students need to arrive 15 minutes early to class in full training uniform.
    • Students need to wait outside the front entrance where they will undergo a COVID19 screen check, before given permission to enter.
    • Students need to keep 1.5m distance from each other as they walk in.
    • No parents or visitors allowed in the gym. Drop offs and Pick-ups only. Do not park in the Disabled spots.
    • Students need to come to the front desk to give their name and check their membership status, adhering to the 1.5m distance rule.
    • Students will put their bag and shoes on the bag rack only.
    • Students need to sanitise their hands at the mat sanitising station before stepping on to the mats.
    • All drinks can be purchased before class only.
    • All drinks must be purchased BEFORE or AFTER class only.
    • Only the disabled bathroom will be open for use. No entry into the male and female bathrooms.

    Rules to follow during class

    • Students must follow the gridlines on the mats, ensuring they stay in their allocated group.
    • Students must follow all the instructions of the coach.
    • Students must not share any equipment during the class.
    • Students must bring their own hand wraps, gloves and shin guards, not including Thai pads or Focus mitts. Any purchases of gear must be bought prior to class.
    • Students must not leave the mats during class, unless asking permission from the coach.

    Rules to follow after class

    • Students must sanitise their equipment before returning it.
    • Students must maintain 1.5m distancing while leaving the mats.
    • Students cannot stay back after class, unless to speak with staff or use the disabled bathroom.
    • Students must exit the gym using the back door in the 2nd room immediately after the end of class.
    • Students must sanitise before exiting the gym.