Events BJJ team results

Events BJJ Sydney Results 21st January

Congrats to the 26 Team Perosh students who competed at the Events BJJ competition 21st January in Sydney. The 13 adults and 13 kids won a combined 11 gold, 12 silver and 11 bronze medals.

Gold went to Michael Tony Pycroft (Double), De Marco (Triple), James Zai (Double), Luca De Bonis, John Biona, John Kim and Sam Cassaniti.

Silver to Michael De Marco, Nathan Maitre (Double), Daniel Diaz, Natasha Skvorc, Luca De Bonis, John Kim, Axyl Howie, Keegan La Fleur, Harry Herrera, Dante Barbanera and Brigite Massih.

Bronze to Anthony Lapi, Elyssa Mastroianni, Philip Craparotta, Daniel Markovski, Nathan Maitre, Aaron Walsh, Jake Herrera, Amelia Roufas, Anthony Roufas, Jayda La Fleur, and Lewis Massih.

Team Machado won 2 out of 3 team trophies. See photo below.

Click here for the full results and photos.

See you on the mat.

Coach AP

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Events BJJ team results

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