We had our first grading of the year!

Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts had their first BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and Muay Thai Kickboxing gradings for adults and kids of the year! We missed the first two gradings of the year due to COVID-19 lockdown. About 300 students participated in the gradings with most of them going to the next level and even double grading.

Adults BJJ – 12 New Coloured Belts and 100 stripes awarded
• New Purple Belts: Elyssa Mastionanni, Mike La Fleur, Malcolm O’Neill, Marc Cuscino and Giorgio Repice
• New Blue Belts: Albert Dalao, Robert Feng, Austen Cushway, Josh Willis, Julian Duong, Sony Lim and Darcy Keally.

Adults Muay Thai Kickboxing
A record number of Yellow, Orange and Red T-shirts were awarded at once! Marcus Criniti was awarded his Blue T-Shirt.

Kids BJJ & Thai Kickboxing
Three classes of BJJ and one class of Thai Kickboxing students graded to the next level and many of them double grading.

Click here for all the grading photos.

Everyone was excited about grading including all the staff and myself! Our first grading done in 9 months. Congratulations to everyone that graded.

See you at training.

Coach AP

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Ferragosto 2020 1

2020 Ferragosto at Home

City of Canada Bay‘s 2020 Ferragosto Festival this year was celebrated at home. Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts did a Kids and Adult demo which was live streamed to everyone at home. You can watch the demos below at 3h 29m and 3h 55m below.
A big thank you to Steven, Stefania, Natasha, Damian & Ana for helping out.
Coach Anthony Perosh
Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts
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Ferragosto 2020 2 Ferragosto 2020 3 Ferragosto 2020 1
Bren Foster

Team Perosh BJJ Black Belt Bren Foster

Here is a getting to know you article about one of my BJJ Black Belts BREN FOSTER​. Bren is the owner and Head Coach of Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts affiliate academy Elite Martial arts Australia​. Bren and I are made up of the same qualities – Loyal, Disciplined, Focused, Committed and we work and train hard to achieve our goals. It is hard to be successful alone. Surround yourself with good people!

Bren Foster

Coach AP

Team Perosh affiliate academies


BJJ grading at affiliate academy IMC

I taught a grading at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts affiliate academy IMC Kemps Creek last Friday 13th March. The IMC grading included all IMC academies from Kemps Creek, Liverpool, Wetherill Park and Prospect. Big congrats to everyone who graded and extra congrats to new BJJ Blue Belt Dylan. Well done to Head Coach Paul Zadro and all the coaches on getting everyone ready for their grading.

Coach AP

Team Perosh affiliate academies


Abu Dhabi 2

Abu Dhabi Continental Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Team Perosh Five Dock had 7 students compete and win 4 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze at the Abu Dhabi Continental Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship – Oceania last weekend in Sydney. Michael De Marco, Damian Iacono, Dante Barbenera and Isaac Herodotou won gold, Frances Bavaro and Kobe Harb won silver and Aryan Singh won bronze. Well done to everyone that competed! Thank you to everyone who came to support.

Coach AP

Adults BJJ at Team Perosh

Kids BJJ at Team Perosh

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Abu Dhabi 1 Abu Dhabi 2

Wrestling 2

Wrestling seminar at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts

Denis Roberts taught a wrestling seminar at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts on Tuesday 24th February. Denis is a BJJ Black Belt, ADCC Qualifier and 5-time Australian Freestyle Wrestling Champion. I have known Denis for over 15 years and he has ben my wrestling coach for my 9 UFC Light Heavyweight matches. He taught front headlock sets ups, control and attacks. We had a great turnout of 36 students who participated in the seminar. Looking forward to your next visit.

MMA at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts

Wrestling 1 Wrestling 2


Australian Girls in Gi (AGIG) BJJ competition

Team Perosh students Emma Hunt and Jayda La Fleur competed in the Australian Girls in Gi (AGIG) BJJ competition last Sunday in Sydney. The competition has gi and nogi events for girls and only awards gold medals. Emma won gold in her gi division. Both had wins in their gi and nogi divisions. Well done!
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Newcastle Karate 2

BJJ seminar for adults and kids at Newcastle Karate

I taught a BJJ seminar for both kids and adults at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts affiliate BJJ academy Newcastle Karate Sunday 23rd February. I taught BJJ competition techniques and strategy to the kids and I taught BJJ guard retention techniques to the adults. I had a great time teaching everyone! Thank you to everyone who attended. And well done to Marc Matthews, Jesse Landry and Mark Whitehead for having great students and running a great BJJ academy.
Coach AP
Newcastle Karate 1 Newcastle Karate 2
Initiator Crown 1

Events BJJ Initiator Crown Results

Team Perosh MMA Five Dock had 26 students win 10 gold and 12 silver medals and 6 bronze medals at the Events BJJ Initiator Crown competition last weekend in Sydney.

Gold to Giorgio Repice, Breen Howlin, Alex Kelly, Michael Craig, Alek Barsic, Damian Iacono, Kobe Harb, Jake Lapi, Isaac Herodoto & Dante Barbanera. Silver to Mason Elias, Anthony Valore (Double), Julian Tsitsos, Wayne Fotheringham, Breen Howlin, Johnny Di Biase, Aryan Singh, Benjamin Lim, Peter Georgelos, Davide Eboli & Elyse Lapi. Bronze to Robert Feng (Double), Alex Kelly, Roman Fotheringham, Alexei Fotheringham and David Lim.

Congrats to the great results from Team Perosh affiliate academies Kemps Mixed Martial Arts, Pure Jiu-Jitsu, Movement Martial Arts, Elite Martial Arts and Giant Martial Arts. Extra special congrats to BJJ Black Belt Richard Kemp from Kemp’s MMA on triple gold! An amazing effort.

Team Perosh won Best Academy and RCJ Machado came second in Best Kids team, first in Best Gi team and first in Best Nogi team at the Initiator Crown.

Well done to everyone who competed.

Thank you to everyone who came to support.

Click here for all the photos.

Adults BJJ at Team Perosh

Kids BJJ at Team Perosh

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Initiator Crown 1 Initiator Crown 2

Tool BJJ Sydney 1

Training with Maynard from Tool!

I got to catch up with my friends Todd Fox and Maynard James Keenan from Tool the last couple of days. Maynard is the lead singer of the rock/metal band Tool and is a BJJ Purple Belt. Todd is a BJJ Black Belt under Carlos Machado who I have known since my Blue/Purple belt days when I lived in Dallas, Texas for 3 years.
We did a BJJ training session on Monday and Tuesday and then on both nights I saw the band in concert. I am a rock/metal fan since my teens. Tool first came out in 1990 when I was 18! After 30 years they still sold out two 20,000 shows in Sydney. What a band!
I wore my new gi for the first-time compliments of Jordan from Hyperfly Australia. It’s a great gi thank you!
See you all on the mat at training.
Coach AP
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Tool BJJ Sydney 1 Tool BJJ Sydney 2 Tool BJJ Sydney 3 Tool BJJ Sydney 4 Tool BJJ Sydney 5 Tool BJJ Sydney 6 Tool BJJ Sydney 7