New BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) affiliate

Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts welcomes Newcastle Karate as a new BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) affiliate academy. Newcastle Karate is owned and run by Marc Mathews. The BJJ program taught by Team Perosh BJJ Brown Belt Jesse Landry. Welcome to the family!

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Events BJJ Oceanic Championship Results

Team Perosh' s BJJ Team won 10 gold, 8 silver and 8 bronze medals at the Events BJJ Oceanic Championship held on 7th October at the Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre in Sydney.

Click here for all the results and here for all of the action photos and podium photos.

A big thank you to all the Team Perosh students who helped out running the competition and to everyone who came to support.

Well done to everyone who competed!

If your goal is to get fit, get better at BJJ and have fun then come and do some BJJ with us at Team Perosh. Click below to register for your 2 week free trial.

Adults BJJ Program

Kids BJJ Program

See you on the mat.

Coach Anthony Perosh



Affiliate gradings

Congratulations to 4 Team Perosh affiliate academies in Minchinbury, Smithfield, Macquarie Park and Kemps Creek who had their BJJ and Muay Thai Kickboxing Gradings in September. Check out the photos below.


Make up gradings!

Congratulations to the adults and kids who graded in our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai Kickboxing make up gradings!



Team Perosh September gradings are done

About 200 students graded at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and Muay Thai Kickboxing including both adults and kids.

In adults BJJ students graded for their stripes on their white, blue and purple belts.

In adults Muay Thai Kickboxing there were students who graded to every colour from Yellow T-Shirt to Purple T-Shirt. Extra Special Congratulations to new Muay Thai Kickboxing Purple T-shirt Marc Cuscino and new Blue T-Shirts Matthew Taylor and Peter Mastrioanni.

About 100 of our 5 to 15 year old kids graded in our 3 Kids BJJ and 1 Kids Muay Thai Kickboxing classes.

Congratulations to everyone that graded!

See you on the mat.

Anthony Perosh
Head Coach
Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts

New Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts BJJ Black Belt!

I presented a BJJ Black Belt at my Sydney academy to long time student Bren Foster from Elite Martial arts Australia. It is well overdue and well deserved. Bren is a great student, coach and leader and I am proud and honoured to present it to him. Well done!


Machado BJJ Gathering Melbourne September 2018

Met up with Rigan Machado and some good friends in Melbourne at the Will / Machado BJJ Australasia Gathering last weekend.

RCJ_Machado_Gathering_Melbourne_September_2018_1 RCJ_Machado_Gathering_Melbourne_September_2018_2 RCJ_Machado_Gathering_Melbourne_September_2018_3


Training BJJ with my coach Carlos Machado in Dallas, Texas

It's been 9 years since I have been to Dallas. I trained at my BJJ coach Carlos Machado's academy at RCJ Machado Jiu-Jitsu - Farmers Branch. It was great to be back!


NSW BJJ Winter Cup Results August 2018

Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts’ team of 37 competitors won 13 gold, 12 silver and 3 bronze medals at the NSW BJJ Winter Cup in Sydney! Team Perosh is part of the Will-Machado Team and Will-Machado won the 1st place trophy in Adults Nogi and 2nd place trophy for Kids. An amazing effort! Well done to everyone who competed.

Click here for all of the results.





Team Perosh has a World BJJ Champion!

I won my first World BJJ Championship! Firstly I won a bronze medal in my weight division and then won gold in the open division in the Master 4 Black Belt category at the 2018 IBJJF World Masters Jiu-Jitsu Championships in LAs Vegas on 24th August.

I got to do a lot of my favourite moves including Lateral drop takedowns, Perosh flips, Stack passing and Kimuras. I am happy with my performance but still have work to do to improve both my strengths and weaknesses.

I want to thank everyone from Team Perosh for the support. You were far away in distance but very close to my heart. And just on the other side of the camera watching!

Big thank you to Fran for organising the live video at the academy, thank you to my BJJ coach Carlos Machado and a big thank you to my fiancee Ana for her undying support.

You can see all all of the results here.

See you all when I get back.

Coach AP

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2018_IBJJF_World_Master_Championship_Anthony_Perosh_Las_Vegas_August_2018_2 2018_IBJJF_World_Master_Championship_Anthony_Perosh_Las_Vegas_August_2018_1