AP vs Dave Frendin - on his back

Anthony Perosh MMA debut highlights of 3 matches

Today is the 15 year anniversary on when I made my MMA debut at Spartan 8 on the Gold Coast.

I entered an 8 man tournament and won all 3 matches by submission to win the tournament. All the other 7 competitors were experienced and some of them had undefeated records. The video had my walk out song Kickstart My Heart playing but Facebook blocked it!

About 6 months earlier I received my BJJ Black Belt. I had decided to stop my BJJ competition and start competing in MMA. My MMA career lasted 12 years, 25 fights, 15 wins and 5 of my wins in the UFC.

My goal now is to coach and help my students achieve their goals. And I want them all to do much better than me!

If your goal is to get fit, become a UFC champion or just get better at MMA then come and do MMA with us at Team Perosh. Click below to register for your 2 week free trial:


See you on the mat.

Coach AP

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