End of year gradings 2

End of year Gradings done

Our end of year gradings are done. What a great start to our end of year celebrations with a record-breaking grading! Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts had 300 students grade in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing for both adults and kids.

Here are the highlights.
• 125 BJJ, 85 Thai Kickboxing and 90 Kids graded
• 5 BJJ Black Belts awarded – Big congratulations to Phil Kim, Nobby Kuandyk, Hayden McKay, Will Robertson & Michael Su. A fantastic achievement well done!
• 3 BJJ Brown Belts, 1 BJJ Purple Belt and 4 BJJ Blue Belts awarded and over 100 stripes in Adults BJJ
• 1 Thai Kickboxing Purple T-Shirt, 1 Blue T-Shirt, 8 Red T-Shirts, 30 Orange T-Shirts and 45 Yellow T-Shirts in Adults Thai Kickboxing
• 75 BJJ Kids and 15 Thai Kick Boxing Kids graded to the next rank

At the end of the Thai Kickboxing grading 2 students won a “Van Damme Splits on the chairs” competition! Once we reopened from lockdown 6 months ago I gave my students a special challenge. Rueben Cule won 12 months free training and Kassandra Nguyen won 6 months free training for doing the splits on the chairs!

Special thank you to all the assistant coaches who helped out with our end of year gradings and to my admin staff John, Ana, Oulah & Johnny for preparing the grading.

The next events are our In house BJJ comp and Christmas Party to end off a great week.

Coach Anthony Perosh

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