TPMMA Grading Dec 21

Team Perosh Gradings done this week

Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts had our gradings this week in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing for both adults and kids. After an extended lockdown everyone trained and practiced hard and did fantastic at the gradings.

Extra special congrats to 13 new BJJ colour belts and 3 new Muay Thai Kickboxing Blue T-Shirts. BJJ Brown Belts awarded to Danny, Shane and Rami, Purple Belts awarded to Aston, Julian, James, Eric, Aidan, Wayne and Matt, BJJ Blue Belts to Nabil, Tom and Levi. Muay Thai Kickboxing Blue T-Shirts were awarded to Giorgio, Angelique and Sony.

Well done to everyone that graded!

Click here for all the photos.

Special thank you to all the assistant coaches who helped out and to my admin staff for preparing the grading.

Coach Anthony Perosh

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TPMMA Gradings Dec 21

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