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20th anniversary of my MMA debut!

Today is the 20th anniversary of my MMA debut! I debuted as a pro. There was no amateur back then. Four months before I received my BJJ Black Belt. I told myself I wanted to make my MMA debut when I was a BJJ Black Belt.

For my debut I decided to enter an 8-man tournament! And my debut was in a boxing ring like in Pride FC and not a cage like in the UFC. To win you had to have 3 fights in one night. I was the only one making my debut. The other 7 guys had about 50 wins between them. The competition was called Spartan Fight Series and it was held on the Gold Coast. Back then QLD was the only state that MMA was legal.

I won all 3 matches in the first round and won the tournament!

Here is a link to my highlight clip I made after my first 15 fights just before I fought Cro Cop in the UFC in 2010.

I had a great MMA career lasting 12 years and 25 fights and finished with a 15-10-0 record including 12 matches in the UFC and 5 wins in the UFC.

Here’s a link to my Tapology fight record.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in the past 20 years! Here’s to another 20 years of MMA coaching.

Coach Anthony Perosh

MMA at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts

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MMA debut 1

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MMA debut

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