BJJ comp 3

BJJ comp results

Team Perosh BJJ students competed in 3 BJJ comp recently locally, outside Sydney and internationally!

We had 14 students compete in the BJJ Summer Cup last weekend winning 2 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals. Dakota and Alisha won gold, Aryan, Sienna and Jonah won silver and Max and Brigitte won bronze.

At the Newcastle BJJ Open Dante won gold after submitting all 3 of his opponents.

Michael won his first match and lost his second match at the ADCC Asia and Oceania trials in Singapore last weekend. His first match he won with a slick suplex armbar from a standing back control! See video below!

Well done to everyone who competed and who came to support the 3 BJJ comp.

Coach Anthony Perosh

Adults BJJ

Kids BJJ

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