2020 Young Archie

2020 Young Archie Competition

Check out the drawing done by Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts student Leon Kim! He has entered the 2020 Young Archie Competition in the 13-15 year old category. Winners were announced Saturday 24th October! He didn’t get the win but amazing effort!

Leon wrote the following description for the drawing.

“Anthony Perosh is a retired Australian professional mixed martial arts champion and coach I met in the midst of my deepest emotional struggles as a teenager. Being the greatest inspiration, he taught me grit and endurance during the years I encountered bullying. The use of bright hues in his face captures the motivation he carried. His firm facial expression and confident posture portrays the perseverance he inspired his students with.”

My students are a big motivation to what I do. I am humbled and honoured for Leon to say this. Leon is the star and not me!

Click here to see the winners and finalists of the 2020 Young Archie.

Coach AP


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2020 Young Archie

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