Covid 19

Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts & Covid-19 Updated Monday 23rd March 2020

Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts & Covid-19

Updated Monday 23rd March 2020

Dear Team Perosh MMA students, family and friends.

As of 12pm today we will be closed as per the Australian Government’s recommendation to close all gyms and indoor sports venues.

Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts is a leader in martial arts in Australia. We will continue to be a leader during this crisis. We follow the updates daily and apply any recommendations made by the Australian government.

We will continue to email and post on social media updates as to when we will return. Please email us at if you have any questions.

In the meantime keep yourselves safe. We will all get through this! I am already looking forward to getting back to it!

Coach Anthony Perosh

Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts

Covid 19

Tool BJJ Sydney 1

Training with Maynard from Tool!

I got to catch up with my friends Todd Fox and Maynard James Keenan from Tool the last couple of days. Maynard is the lead singer of the rock/metal band Tool and is a BJJ Purple Belt. Todd is a BJJ Black Belt under Carlos Machado who I have known since my Blue/Purple belt days when I lived in Dallas, Texas for 3 years.
We did a BJJ training session on Monday and Tuesday and then on both nights I saw the band in concert. I am a rock/metal fan since my teens. Tool first came out in 1990 when I was 18! After 30 years they still sold out two 20,000 shows in Sydney. What a band!
I wore my new gi for the first-time compliments of Jordan from Hyperfly Australia. It’s a great gi thank you!
See you all on the mat at training.
Coach AP
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MMA Sydney

MMA training at Team Perosh

We had another great MMA training session last Saturday at Team Perosh. We had a lot of guests including Amateur Australian Thai Kickboxing Champion Charles. Our team of amateur and pro fighters as long as beginners are all training together to achieve their goals. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate or fighter come and join our MMA training classes so you can achieve your goals too!

MMA at Team Perosh

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MMA Sydney


Let’s all help each other achieve our 2020 goals!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts are back open in 2020 with our full timetable! We actually have been back running our full timetable since Thursday 2nd January. If you haven’t come back to training yet now is the time.

With a new year comes new goals. What are your goals? I would love to hear them and then help you achive them. If you haven’t already, write your 2020 goals, make a plan and then show me!

Finally, we have to think of others in this time of crisis with the drought and bushfires across Australia. Team Perosh MMA want to keep helping where we can. During our Christmas party last year, we had a raffle which raised $447.00 for the bushfire appeal. Let’s keep it going until we all get over this crisis. Click here to donate. We started the tally off for Team Perosh by donating a further $447.00 ourselves.

Donate now

Coach AP



Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Here is our holiday schedule.

  • Mon 23/12 Open
  • Tue 24/12 Closed
  • Wed 25/12 Closed
  • Thu 26/12 Closed
  • Fri 27/12 Open
  • Sat 28/12 Open
  • Sun 29/12 Open
  • Mon 30/12 Open
  • Tue 31/12 Closed
  • Wed 1/1 Closed
  • Thu 2/1 Open

From everyone at Team Perosh I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas Happy New Year. Stay safe, have fun and see you at training.

Coach AP



2019 Team Perosh Christmas Party

We had a fantastic Christmas party on Saturday 7th December, with 150 students, family and friends joining us to celebrate a great 2019 and Christmas at Club Five Dock RSL.
The event started out with a buffet lunch for adults and kids. After lunch the kids were entertained by StarDust, and the adults participated in a UFC/General Knowledge Trivia competition which was run by Oulah and Nobby. The teams for trivia were split in to the tables where people were seated. The winning table won a gift pack donated by Knockout Nutrition Five Dock. Give Knockout Nutrition some support back by visiting their online store or visit them at their shop in Five Dock.
Our annual awards were then presented. Well done to all the winners. The winners are:
• Adults Competitor of the Year: Guy Vaccaro
• Adults Most Improved of the Year: Nelson Mayan
• Kids Competitor of the Year: Kobe Harb
• Kids Most Improved of the Year: Damian Iacono
We held a raffle to raise money for the bushfires. We raised $447.00! Well done everyone and thank you for the support. The winners of the raffle prizes were:
• Mike Ryan – Private lesson with Coach AP
• Phil Ferraro- Boxing gloves
• Alex Kelly- Shin guards
• Steve Kim- TP Shirt- Picked up yesterday
• Calvin Siu- 2 pairs of hand wraps- Picked up yesterday
Now for a few thank yous:
• Oulah Zakaria – She organised the entire Christmas party and made sure it ran smoothly. A great job. Thank you!
• Team Perosh Staff – We have had a great year and I could not have done it without your help. Thank you to John, Nobby, Oulah, Johnny, Ana, Fran and Nathan. Thank you to Phil, Katarina and Julian who worked most of the year and finished up in September.
• Thank you to the yoga coaches Tida, Noemi and Sari for their coaching this year.
• Thank you to all assistant coaches Vic, Matthew, Michael and everyone else who has helped with classes.
• Thank you to my wife Ana and Natasha and Damian for their support this year.
• And thank you to all the Team Perosh students. You are the reason I do this!
From myself and everyone at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Coach AP
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MMA fighter

Do you want to do MMA?

Do you want to do MMA? Is your goal to be an MMA fighter or just learn MMA? Team Perosh have 10 fighters with fights in the next 6 weeks. Our MMA team is in full prep mode. If you want to be an MMA fighter or just learn MMA in our beginner MMA classes then contact us now and start your two week free trial.
#thegoalistoachievetheperformancerequiredtowin #trainhard #befirst #nochill #believeinyourself #mma #mixedmartialarts #teamwork #family #teamperosh
MMA fighter
Ferragosto 1

A great day at Ferragosto

Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts had a stall at the City of Canada Bay Ferragosto Festival in Five Dock last Sunday. The weather was great, food was great and we were surrounded by a lot of great people. Big thank you to Ana, Katarina, John and David for setting up, running the stall all day and packing the stall at Ferragosto while Anthony is away overseas preparing for the World Masters BJJ Championships. Thank you to everyone who came to visit us on the day.

Ferragosto 1 Ferragosto 2

More painting

More painting on Team Perosh walls

Team Perosh has done some more painting on their walls. The first line is what we teach, the second line is how we do it and the third line is about not doing it alone! Martial arts is an individual sport but we need to surround ourselves with good and like-minded people to get better and succeed. You are only as strong as the people around you. We are very strong!

More painting


Team Perosh Philosophy that has helped me compete and win

What is your philosophy? Back in 1999 my good friend David Varga sent me this in preparation for my first World BJJ Championship. I won a Bronze medal in the Blue Belt division that year. I have used it as a mantra self-talking to myself since then before every one of my competitions both BJJ and MMA. Since then I have won 5 matches in the UFC and 1 gold and 2 Bronze Medals at the World BJJ Championships. It is now the philosophy of Team Perosh and is up on the wall now for daily inspiration.