In house BJJ 1

In house BJJ competition

On Sunday 19th May Team Perosh had the In-House Competition – Worlds BJJ Comp Team Fundraiser. It was a great event that had 48 Team Perosh and Affiliate competitors, which included 2 Superfights and the Worlds Gauntlet.

A massive Thank you to all the competitors who entered, the volunteers, the athletes’ sponsors: Knockout Nutrition Five DockPrecision AthleticaMichael Acolentaba, and Box Fresh. Also, Thank you to Anthony Perosh and Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts.

The raffle will be drawn on Friday 24th May at 7:30PM.

Finally, Congratulations to all the competitors, including Katarina Roso (Double Gold), Jacen Hugget (Double Gold), Steven Truong (Double Gold), Meer Awny, Sean Mckay (Double Gold), Tom Elson, Angus Blackwell, Maciej Rybinski, Desmond Phillips, Lucia Lu, Ruben Darchinyan, Roman Fotheringham (Double Gold), Brigitte Massih, Axyle Howie (Double Gold), Alisha Sali, and Dante Barbarnara.

Congrats to the gauntlet winners, 1st place Liam Cunningham, 2nd place Anthony Valore, and 3rd place James Zai.

Good luck to Philip KimMichael De MarcoRebecca Beuk, and Julian Tsitsos!

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