We have had 3 great weeks back at training!

We have had 3 great weeks back at training at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts. As of 1st July we were back to contact training!

Here are 3 things that are new this week.

1. You can do a maximum 3 classes per day
2. You can do a maximum 18 classes per week
3. One parent can come in and watch their child train

Please continue book your classes online before attending.

1. Register at
2. Our staff will then approve your registration.
3. Once approved you can book your classes for the week.

I have attached our updated timetable below. This week classes will remain at 50 minutes long. From next week it will be back to the full hour.

See you all on the mat!

Coach Anthony Perosh
Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts

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