We had our first grading of the year!

Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts had their first BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and Muay Thai Kickboxing gradings for adults and kids of the year! We missed the first two gradings of the year due to COVID-19 lockdown. About 300 students participated in the gradings with most of them going to the next level and even double grading.

Adults BJJ – 12 New Coloured Belts and 100 stripes awarded
• New Purple Belts: Elyssa Mastionanni, Mike La Fleur, Malcolm O’Neill, Marc Cuscino and Giorgio Repice
• New Blue Belts: Albert Dalao, Robert Feng, Austen Cushway, Josh Willis, Julian Duong, Sony Lim and Darcy Keally.

Adults Muay Thai Kickboxing
A record number of Yellow, Orange and Red T-shirts were awarded at once! Marcus Criniti was awarded his Blue T-Shirt.

Kids BJJ & Thai Kickboxing
Three classes of BJJ and one class of Thai Kickboxing students graded to the next level and many of them double grading.

Click here for all the grading photos.

Everyone was excited about grading including all the staff and myself! Our first grading done in 9 months. Congratulations to everyone that graded.

See you at training.

Coach AP

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