Nathan Corbett Muay Thai Seminar February 2018

What a great Muay Thai Kickboxing seminar held by 11 x World Muay Thai Champion Nathan Carnage Corbett on Saturday 10th February at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts.

He taught for over 3 hours and didn’t hold back showing his favourite techniques he used to win his World Championships. He taught punches, kicks, knees and of course his speciality elbows! He also included his mindset for doing techniques and for competition. Nathan was a great coach and made sure he gave attention to everyone in the seminar.

After the seminar he took photos with everyone and answered questions and hung out.

Be sure to follow Nathan Corbett on Facebook and Instagram and also check out his highlight clips on YouTube where he shows the techniques he taught in action.

Can’t wait to have him back teaching again at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts!

If your goal is to get fit, get better at Muay Thai Kickboxing and have fun then come and do some Muay Thai Kickboxing with us at Team Perosh. Click below to register for your 2 week free trial.

Adults Muay Thai Kickboxing

Kids Muay Thai Kickboxing

See you on the mat.

Coach Anthony Perosh


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