Guest BJJ coach 1

Guest BJJ coaches

Last week Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts had 2 guest BJJ coaches take the Monday and Wednesday Intermediate/Advanced BJJ class.

BJJ Black Belt Steve Rudic took class on Monday night. Steve was (and is) my Boxing coach and was my main coach and cornerman for all 9 of my UFC Light Heavyweight bouts. He started BJJ when he met me and only recently received his BJJ Black Belt.

BJJ Brown Belt Simon Carson took class on Wednesday night. Simon is based in Melbourne and is the co-owner of Absolute MMA and MA1. Simon and MA1 fitted out the second room at Team Perosh with cage, mats, heavy bags and all the gym equipment.

Thank you to both our guest BJJ coaches  Steve and Simon. They were both very generous by teaching a class for us and were happy to help everyone with their technique.

Coach AP

Coach Anthony Perosh

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