Affiliate BJJ grading – IMC December 2017

Congrats to Team Perosh MMA affiliate academy IMC who had their BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) grading last Friday 8th December in Sydney. Students from IMC Kemps CreekIMC Liverpool Martial ArtsIMC Prospect and IMC Wetherill Park graded. Well done everyone.

For a full list of Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts affiliate academies click here.



End of year Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Thai Kickboxing Gradings

The Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts end of year BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and Muay Thai Kickboxing gradings for adults and kids did not disappoint! About 250 students participated in the gradings with most of them grading to the next level.

In adults BJJ there were 2 new Black Belts, 3 Brown Belts, 9 Purple Belts and 11 Blue Belts awarded. Extra special congratulations to new BJJ black belts Chi Kit Cheung and Dan Stoll.

In adults Muay Thai Kickboxing 2 new Black T-shirts, 3 Purple T-Shirts and 2 Blue T-Shirts awarded. Extra Special Congratulations to new Muay Thai Kickboxing Black T-Shirts Andrew Mills and Joey Belfiore.

We had 3 classes of about 25 kids grade in BJJ ranging in ages from 5 to 15. Extra special congratulations to Jake Herrera being awarded his Orange-White Belt.

Congratulations to everyone that graded!

Thank you to Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts staff Phil Kim, Nobby Kuandyk, Nathan Maitre, Michael Ali and John Perosh and all the students who helped out with the grading.

Thank you to Michael Acolentaba from MACO photography taking all the photos. I have added the group shots below. The full gallery of photos will follow shortly.

Now for the next goal! See you on the mat.

Anthony Perosh

Head Coach

Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts


Team Perosh Affiliate BJJ gradings

Congrats to everyone who graded in BJJ at affiliate schools in Brisbane, Mackay, Griffith, Nowra and Smithfield in Sydney.

I visited Advance Martial Arts,  Mackay MMA, Riverina BJJ, Kemps MMA and Extreme Martial Fitness in November.

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Next martial arts events in November/December 2017

Here are the next martial arts events in November and December 2017. Mark your calenders now.

  • 04th Nov Newcastle BJJ Open
  • 18th Nov WRFN MMA show
  • 26th Nov NSW BJJ Summer Cup
  • 2nd Dec UFN MMA show
  • 3rd Dec Grappling Industries BJJ comp
  • 6-7th Dec Grading
  • 10th Dec AGIG BJJ comp
  • 16th Dec Team Perosh Christmas Party




IMC Kemps Creek BJJ Grading

Congrats to everyone who graded in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)at Team Perosh affiliate schools IMC Kemps Creek, Liverpool, Wetherill Park and Prosepect last Friday night. It was a record grading!



Dubbo BJJ Grading and Seminar

Congrats to everyone who graded at Team Perosh affiliate academy Dubbo BJJ on 30th September. Extra congrats to new BJJ blue belt Jacen Huggett. Well done to Dubbo Head Coach Simon Tratt for preparing all the students.


BJJ and Muay Thai make up grading

Big congrats to everyone who graded at the make up grading last Friday night in BJJ and Thai Kickboxing. Big thank you to Michael De Marco and Nathan Maitre for running the make up grading.

September 2017 BJJ & Muay Thai gradings

Grading week is finished. I love grading week. You see results in terms of perfect technique from students which only comes from of a lot of hours and drilling on the mat. Big congrats to everyone who graded this week.

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MMA, BJJ, Thai Kickboxing Sydney results!

Last weekend we had 6 wins 2 losses in Muay Thai competition in Sydney, I presented 3 BJJ Blackbelts, 7 students completed their coaching course and Australia have a UFC champion!

Dean Young (two matches), Nelson Mayan, Joey Belfiore, Daniel McVicker and Andrew Soo won and Peter Mrsnik and Calvin Siu lost their matches at the MTA Padded day in Menai. They all put in great performances. We are not just a grappling academy! You can check out all the videos here…/mta-development-day-double-dr…

I presented BJJ Black Belts to Andrew Husmann, Billy Sam and Wade Huang. They have trained between 8-10 years, have competed in numerous competitions and now run their own martial arts academy. A great achievement!

Scott Bowden, Michael Su, Andrew Mills, Cooba Watkins, Jeshua McPhail, Michael Ali and Michael Moutzouris completed a 2 day government accredited coaching course. Your career in martial arts has begun!

To finish the weekend off Robert Whittaker won the UFC Interim Middleweight title for Australia and New Zealand!

If you want to achieve any of the above or just get fit, learn skills and meet people, click on the above link and register for your 2 week free trial!


BJJ, Thai Kickboxing Affiliate gradings Jun 17

After at week of gradings at SPMA Concord I attended 5 gradings at 5 affiliate schools in 10 days in Sydney, Macquarie Park, Kemps Creek, Minchinbury, Smithfield and Mackay. Well done to everyone who graded! Congrats to Mackay MMAMacquarie University SportIMC Kemps CreekElite Martial arts Australia and Extreme Martial Fitness.