UFC Press Conference

Australia’s toughest teacher: 42 year old instructor Perosh in UFC clash

Here is an article from MMA Kanvas about my fight in May at UFC Adelaide, teaching at my two Sydney MMA gyms and mental toughness.

UFC 110 Cro Cop V Perosh Sydney

True story: how Anthony Perosh came to fight ‘Cro Cop’ on just 48 hours’ notice

Back in February 2010 I fought Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic at the first UFC event held in Australia. I took the fight on 2 days notice. I tell the whole story to Adam Ireland of MMA Kanvas. You can read the full article here.


This is 40 (in the UFC)

Here’s an article about the performance of mma fighter’s in the UFC 40 years and older. I am one of 3 fighters out of 18 over 40 who have a winning record. Read here for the full article.


Coffee enthusiast Anthony Perosh confident of beating down opponent at UFC Adelaide

Peter Theodosiou from the Inner West Courier Inner City edition talks with me about my up and coming UFC match in Adelaide, my love for coffee and much more. Read here for the full article.

Wholefoods Albuquerque

Happy Easter…I’m back training in the USA

I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter. I flew in to Albuquerque arriving Easter Sunday to continue my fight camp at Jackson-Winklejohn MMA. I got time to chill out a bit on Sunday and shopped at my favourite supermarket Wholefoods. I stocked up on a lot of good food to help me get through […]

UFC Octogon

Victorian government lifts cage ban, UFC announces Melbourne debut

Congratulations to the Victorian government for seeing the light (and coming to their senses!) on lifting the ban and allowing the UFC and local promotions to use a fenced in enclosure for MMA matches. The fenced in enclosure was always a much safer alternative to the boxing ring for MMA fighters. I look forward to […]


My next fight 10th May UFC Fight Night in Adelaide

I am fighting next on 10th May at UFC Fight Night in Adelaide, Australia versus Sean O’Çonnell from the USA. It’s the first time the UFC is having a show in Adelaide. It is headlined by Mark Hunt versus Stipe Miocic. The card is stacked with fighters from Australia and New Zealand including Robert Whittaker, […]


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas with their families. I went to midnight mass and then spent the day with my family and friends hanging out and eating and eating and eating haha. On Boxing Day I went to watch The Hobbit – Battle of the Five Armies and also Night at the […]

Ross Pearson Seminar December 2014

Ross Pearson Seminar

UFC Lightweight fighter Ross Pearson held a Boxing and Kickboxing seminar at my MMA gym in Sydney on Saturday 20th December. About 35 students attended the seminar. Ross specialises in striking and showed many striking techniques, combinations and strategy to the students for over 3 hours. He stayed afterwards to take photos and talk with […]

UFC FN33 Weigh in

MMA and lifting weights

I was asked by MMA Kanvas to comment on lifting weights and MMA. Two other Aussie UFC fighters give their view too.