Christmas Party!

The best Christmas Party ever! SPMA Concord celebrated their 2016 Christmas party with 175 students, family and friends at all you can eat Korean BBQ in Croydon. Everyone had a great time enjoying good company and good food and ate until their heart’s (stomach’s!) content.

At the end of the lunch the annual awards were presented with the following well deserved winners.

Adult Competitor of the Year: Sam Senan. Sam won 5 out of 5 gold medals in white belt divisions this year and was the number 2 ranked white belt in the whole country.

Adult Most Improved of the Year: Philip Kim. Phil has shown that even an advanced student can be Most Improved of the year. At the World Championships this year he defeated the reigning No gi World Champion, he won his MMA debut in convincing fashion and is now a coach at SPMA Concord.

Kids Competitor of the Year: Guy Vaccaro. Guy started the year with second and thirds and finished the year with gold medals.

Kids Most Improved of the Year: Amelia Roufas. Amelia’s technique and attitude towards training is second to none. She also won her last BJJ competition.

Congratulations to all the winners! I am proud of you all.

After the presentation we had 3 enormous cakes which were demolished in record time. Thank you to Phil Kim who organised the cakes from Christophe's Patisserie. Big thank you to Michael Bray from the Pine Inn who donated 12 bottles of wine to our party.

I want to thank all of my staff (John, Sari, Adam, Phil and Nobby) who helped organise it and make the day run smoothly. They have made the entire year run smoothly.

Thank you to all the great students of SPMA Concord who are the reason we do what we do. Let’s make 2017 the best ever!

And thank you to their family and friends who came and celebrated with us.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Anthony Perosh
SPMA Concord
Owner and Chief Instructor


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