NSW BJJ Summer Cup Sydney results November 2017

An amazing performance by the Team Perosh MMA Academy at the recent NSW BJJ Summer Cup held in Sydney on 26th November. Our team of 16 kids and 20 adults won a combined 11 gold, 17 silver and 7 bronze medals.

Frances Bavaro (Double), Rebecca Beuk (Double), Mason Elias (Double), Damian Iacono, Amelia Roufas, Sam Cassaniti and Jake Lapi won gold. Sam Senan (Double), John Kim (Triple), Matthew Thomspon, Mike La Fleur, Lewis Massih, Bridget Massih, Keegan La Fleur, Jayda La Fleur, Natasha Iacono, Emma Hunt, Aryan Singh, Anthony Roufas, Axyl Howie and Campbell Lahoud won Silver. Aron Walsh, Aston Chee, Natasha Skvorc, Andrew Huynh, Dominic Lees, Jeremiah Diestro and Julian Tsitos won bronze.

We also had 8 students compete for the very first time!

On top of that our academy is part of Team Will-Machado and Team Will-Machado came second in the teams divisions for adults gi, adults nogi and kids.

Well done to everyone that competed and everyone that came to support!

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You can read more here about Adults BJJ and Kids BJJ.

See you on the mat.


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