World Masters BJJ 5

Team Perosh have 2 competitors at World Masters

I won two silver at the World BJJ Masters in Las Vegas. I had 2 wins 1 loss in my weight division and 2 wins 1 loss in the open. I did my best. I have no excuses they were just better than me on the day. I will get back on the mat and improve my game to achieve double gold next time.

Well done to Team Perosh student Tony Pycroft on 1 win and 1 loss in the Master 3 Black Belt division. It was his first Worlds. He only lost by one advantage. A big thank you to Tony for being in my corner all 6 matches too!

I want to thank everyone from Team Perosh for the support for me at the World Masters BJJ. You were far away in distance but very close to my heart. And just on the other side of the camera watching! Thank you to Fran for organising the live video at the academy. And thank you to my wife Ana for her undying support.

See you on the mat.

Coach AP

Adults BJJ at Team Perosh

Kids BJJ at Team Perosh

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