Grappling Industries Sydney results

Team Perosh MMA Five Dock had 16 students compete at Grappling Industries last Sunday. They won 9 gold, 7 silver and 7 bronze medals. Team Perosh came second in Best Academy!

Gold was won by Julian Tsitsos, Aryan Singh, Axyl Howie (Double), Dante Barbenera (Double), Jake Lapi (Double) and Isaac Herodotou. Silver was won by Julian Tsitsos, Breen Howlin, Joel Gaal (Double), Oshae Kabbara and Jonah Kabbara (Double). Bronze was won by Alex Kelly, Aryan Singh, Isaac Herodotou, Oshae Kabbara, Elyse Lapi, Antonio Fara and Dejan Kalagurgevic.

Extra congrats to Julian Tsitsos who as a Juvenile (16-17yo) Blue Belt entered the adult advanced division in nogi and beat a brown belt twice for gold!

Click here for all the photos from Grappling Industries.

Thank you to Coach Fran who coached on the day while I was away in Melbourne. Thank you to everyone who came to support.

Coach AP

Adults BJJ at Team Perosh

Kids BJJ at Team Perosh

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