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New BJJ Black Belt at Team Perosh

New Team Perosh BJJ Black Belt! I taught a BJJ seminar at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts affiliate BJJ academy Kemps MMA in Nowra last Friday night. At the end of the seminar I presented Head Coach Richard Kemp with his BJJ Black Belt. It was well deserved and long overdue! We had a special […]

Subversion BJJ results Team Perosh go 2 wins 1 loss

Team Perosh had 3 students compete at Subversion Jiu Jitsu Invitational at the UNSW Roundhouse last Saturday 21st September. Nobby Kuandyk lost a close decision and Michael De Marco and Rebecca Beuk both won their matches by decision. Well done everyone! Thank you to everyone who came to support we had a big team there! It was […]

Wollongong and Canberra BJJ Open results

Team Perosh had 3 students compete at the Wollongong BJJ Open and Canberra BJJ Open last Saturday 21st September. In Wollongong Axyl Howie won gold. In Canberra Alex Barsic won gold and silver and Johnny Dibiase won silver. Well done everyone who competed in the BJJ Open! Adults BJJ at Team Perosh Kids BJJ at […]

Movement Martial Arts seminar

I taught a seminar at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts affiliate academy Movement Martial Arts last weekend. Movement is run by Team Perosh BJJ Black Belt students Andrew Husmann, Wade Huang and Billy Sam. It was great to meet and teach them and their students. Thank you to everyone who attended at Movement Martial Arts. […]

BJJ Winter Cup Results

Team Perosh had a team of 17 compete at the BJJ Winter Cup last weekend. We won 8 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze medal! Mark, Katarina, Kobe, Aryan, Axyl, Dante, Isaac and Lewis won gold. Mark, Ruben, Natasha, Joseph and Elyse won silver. Johnny won bronze. RCJ Machado won 3rd place in the Kids […]