Make up Grading for adults and kids martial arts December 2017

Congrats to the 5 students who graded in the make up grading for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing for adults and kids. They also did the 300 Burpee Make Up Grading Special! Well done everyone.

Make_Up_Grading_Kids_BJJ_Sydney_December_2017 Make_Up_Grading_BJJ_Muay_Thai_Kickboxing_Sydney_December_2017


Affiliate Grading – Elite Martial Arts December 2017

Congratulations to Team Perosh MMA affiliate academy Elite Martial arts Australia who had their BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) grading in Sydney on Thursday 14th December.

Elite Martial Arts is headed by Bren Foster and the BJJ program is run by Team Perosh students BJJ Black Belt Dan Stoll and BJJ Purple Belt Ethan Zahra. It was a monster grading with 20 adults and 30 kids grading. Extra special congrats to new BJJ purple belts Renee and Mitchell and new BJJ Blue Belts Jimmy and Leon. Well done to everyone that graded.

For a full list of Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts affiliate academies click here.



Australian Girls In Gi BJJ comp Sydney December 2017

The last BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) competition of the year is done and dusted. The Australian Girls in Gi comp was last Sunday 10th December in Sydney.

It was a round robin format and only gold medals were awarded at this comp.

Congrats to Amelia and Jayda on winning double gold each in gi and nogi. Congrats to Aston, Natasha, Emma, Bridget and Sienna who all did their best.

Big thanks to Matthew Hunt, Frances Bavaro and Mike La Fleur for helping with the coaching.

See you on the mat.

Anthony Perosh
Head Coach



End of year Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Thai Kickboxing Gradings

The Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts end of year BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and Muay Thai Kickboxing gradings for adults and kids did not disappoint! About 250 students participated in the gradings with most of them grading to the next level.

In adults BJJ there were 2 new Black Belts, 3 Brown Belts, 9 Purple Belts and 11 Blue Belts awarded. Extra special congratulations to new BJJ black belts Chi Kit Cheung and Dan Stoll.

In adults Muay Thai Kickboxing 2 new Black T-shirts, 3 Purple T-Shirts and 2 Blue T-Shirts awarded. Extra Special Congratulations to new Muay Thai Kickboxing Black T-Shirts Andrew Mills and Joey Belfiore.

We had 3 classes of about 25 kids grade in BJJ ranging in ages from 5 to 15. Extra special congratulations to Jake Herrera being awarded his Orange-White Belt.

Congratulations to everyone that graded!

Thank you to Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts staff Phil Kim, Nobby Kuandyk, Nathan Maitre, Michael Ali and John Perosh and all the students who helped out with the grading.

Thank you to Michael Acolentaba from MACO photography taking all the photos. I have added the group shots below. The full gallery of photos will follow shortly.

Now for the next goal! See you on the mat.

Anthony Perosh

Head Coach

Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts


Grappling Industries BJJ results Sydney December 2017

Team Perosh had 10 kids and 5 adults win 8 gold, 8 silver and 1 bronze medal at the Grappling Industries comp in Sydney on 3rd December.

Gold to Guy Vaccaro, Aston Chee, Wayne Fotheringham, Damian Iacono, Axyl Howie, Alexei Fotheringham and Jake Lapi (Double). Silver to Guy Vaccaro, Damian Iacono, Kobe Harb (Double), Sam Cassaniti (Double) , Axyl Howie, Alexei Fotheringham. Bronze to Natasha Iacono.

Well done to the whole team!

Anthony Perosh
Head Coach


2017 Canberra BJJ Open Results

No city is too far for some of our BJJ comp team! Four students from Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts competed at the Canberra BJJ Open on the 11th November. Anthony Lapi won gold and bronze in his weight and open in the masters's divisions. Axyl Howie, Jake Lapi won gold and Dante Barbanera won silver in the kids divisions. Well done everyone!

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You can read more here about Adults BJJ and Kids BJJ.

See you on the mat.


2017 Newcastle BJJ Open Results

Our BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) academy from Sydney won 7 gold and 2 bronze medals at the Newcastle BJJ Open on 4th November. We had 1 adult and 6 kids compete.

Frances Bavaro won all 4 of her matches and won double gold in the female blue belt divisions. In the kids divisions Axyl Howie (Double), Dante Barbanera, Jake Lapi and Natasha Iacono won gold and Damian Iacono and Emma Hunt won bronze.

Team Machado also came second overall in the Kids team trophy and 3rd in the Adults team trophy.

Big thank you to coaches Matthew Hunt and Frances Bavaro for being in the corner as Head Coach Anthony Perosh was away holding gradings at an affiliate academy.

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You can read more here about Adults BJJ and Kids BJJ.

See you on the mat.


2017 Pan Pacific Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Championships

Our small team of 5 students did us proud at the Pan Pacific BJJ Championships on 27th-29th October in Melbourne. Jayda La Fleur won gold, Nathan Maitre won silver and Michael Ali won 4 bronze medals. Everyone put in great preparation for the comp and did their best on their day. I am proud of everyone!



Central Coast Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Open

Team Perosh had 6 kids and 1 adult compete at the Central Coast BJJ Open on 15th October. They won 2 gold and 5 silver medals! Axyl Howie and Amelia Roufas won gold, Wayne Fotheringham, Alexei Fotheringham, Anthony Roufas, Jake Lapi and Emma Hunt won silver. Team Perosh is part of the Will-Machado team and the Will-Machado team won the Kids team trophy. Well done to everyone who competed!




First week of Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts!

We had a great first week of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Thai Kickboxing classes at our new Five Dock Academy for adults and children. Check out some photos. Everyone is welcome to train at Team Perosh. Come and visit and join us!