Carlos Machado

Carlos Machado BJJ Seminar

My BJJ coach Carlos Machado taught a BJJ seminar to adults and then kids at Team Perosh last weekend. Carlos is an 8th Degree Coral Belt and lives and teaches in Dallas, Texas. At the BJJ seminar he taught his favourite and best techniques to over 55 adults and 15 kids.
There were at least 5 Team Perosh affiliate academies and 5 coaches from Non-Machado BJJ academies along with all the Team Perosh students represented at the BJJ seminar. Carlos Machado’s reach and legacy crosses many borders!
Click here for all the photos.
Carlos wants to thank everyone who came to attend and is looking forward to coming back!

If your goal is to get fit, get better at BJJ or become a World Champion then come and do some BJJ with us at Team Perosh. Click below to register for your 2 week free trial.

Adults BJJ

Kids BJJ

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Carlos Machado
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