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Events BJJ Initiator Crown Results

Team Perosh MMA Five Dock had 26 students win 10 gold and 12 silver medals and 6 bronze medals at the Events BJJ Initiator Crown competition last weekend in Sydney.

Gold to Giorgio Repice, Breen Howlin, Alex Kelly, Michael Craig, Alek Barsic, Damian Iacono, Kobe Harb, Jake Lapi, Isaac Herodoto & Dante Barbanera. Silver to Mason Elias, Anthony Valore (Double), Julian Tsitsos, Wayne Fotheringham, Breen Howlin, Johnny Di Biase, Aryan Singh, Benjamin Lim, Peter Georgelos, Davide Eboli & Elyse Lapi. Bronze to Robert Feng (Double), Alex Kelly, Roman Fotheringham, Alexei Fotheringham and David Lim.

Congrats to the great results from Team Perosh affiliate academies Kemps Mixed Martial Arts, Pure Jiu-Jitsu, Movement Martial Arts, Elite Martial Arts and Giant Martial Arts. Extra special congrats to BJJ Black Belt Richard Kemp from Kemp’s MMA on triple gold! An amazing effort.

Team Perosh won Best Academy and RCJ Machado came second in Best Kids team, first in Best Gi team and first in Best Nogi team at the Initiator Crown.

Well done to everyone who competed.

Thank you to everyone who came to support.

Click here for all the photos.

Adults BJJ at Team Perosh

Kids BJJ at Team Perosh

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