Anthony Perosh BJJ seminar at Pure Jiu-Jitsu

Team Perosh affiliate school Pure Jiu Jitsu Southern Highlands had their first birthday this week. Big congrats to head coach Tony Pycroft, his students and his academy on this milestone. I was invited to teach a BJJ seminar on the day. Thank you to Tony for the invite and to everyone for their hospitality. Looking forward to their next year and beyond.

For a full list of Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts affiliate academies and information on becoming a Team Perosh affiliate click below.

Team_Perosh_Affiliate_Pure_JJ_August_2018_2 Team_Perosh_Affiliate_Pure_JJ_August_2018


Affiliate gradings in Griffith, Mackay and Brisbane

Congratulations to everyone who graded at Team Perosh affiliate BJJ academies RMA in Griffith 30th May, Mackay MMA in Mackay 5th June and AMA in Brisbane 9th June.

Congrats to everyone at Team Perosh affiliate BJJ academy RMA & Total Fitness who graded on Wednesday night 30th May! We had a number of white belts grade and the blue belts graded to 4th stripe now only one away from Purple Belt. Well done to the coaches Frank Cirillo, Peter Moraschi and Elizabeth Heffer on getting the students ready.

It was a huge grading and everyone nailed it on 5th June in Mackay. Extra special congratulations to new BJJ Brown Belt Todd Laister. Well done to Coach David Garnham on getting everyone ready. And congrats to David on receiving his 3rd stripe on his BJJ Brown Belt.

I taught a BJJ seminar and attended a BJJ grading at Team Perosh affiliate academy Advance Martial Arts in Brisbane 8th and 9th June. Thank you to everyone who attended the seminar on Friday and congrats to everyone who graded on Saturday. Well done to head coach Matt Cooper on getting everyone ready for the grading.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress the next time.


Carlos Machado BJJ Seminar

Carlos Machado taught a BJJ seminar to adults and kids at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts on 12th May. Carlos is an 8th degree BJJ Coral belt, the head of RCJ Machado and the BJJ coach of Anthony Perosh.

He first taught 70 adults for two and a half hours and then taught 25 kids for about an hour and a half. Carlos stayed after each seminar and took photos and chatted with all the students.

Thank you Carlos for sharing your BJJ knowledge.



Carlos Machado BJJ seminar in 2 weeks time!

My BJJ coach Carlos Machado is teaching a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminar at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts in Sydney on Saturday 12th May at 2pm.

Early bird tickets are available of only $80.00 are available now. You can only book online. Click here now to book your spot.

Carlos is an 8th degree BJJ Coral belt and my coach. He is the reason I sold everything and moved to Dallas for 3 years in 1997 to learn under him.

Come and meet him and learn under him too. You won’t be disappointed.



Nathan Corbett Muay Thai Seminar February 2018

What a great Muay Thai Kickboxing seminar held by 11 x World Muay Thai Champion Nathan Carnage Corbett on Saturday 10th February at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts.

He taught for over 3 hours and didn’t hold back showing his favourite techniques he used to win his World Championships. He taught punches, kicks, knees and of course his speciality elbows! He also included his mindset for doing techniques and for competition. Nathan was a great coach and made sure he gave attention to everyone in the seminar.

After the seminar he took photos with everyone and answered questions and hung out.

Be sure to follow Nathan Corbett on Facebook and Instagram and also check out his highlight clips on YouTube where he shows the techniques he taught in action.

Can’t wait to have him back teaching again at Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts!

If your goal is to get fit, get better at Muay Thai Kickboxing and have fun then come and do some Muay Thai Kickboxing with us at Team Perosh. Click below to register for your 2 week free trial.

Adults Muay Thai Kickboxing

Kids Muay Thai Kickboxing

See you on the mat.

Coach Anthony Perosh



Dubbo BJJ Grading and Seminar

Congrats to everyone who graded at Team Perosh affiliate academy Dubbo BJJ on 30th September. Extra congrats to new BJJ blue belt Jacen Huggett. Well done to Dubbo Head Coach Simon Tratt for preparing all the students.



MMA, BJJ, Thai Kickboxing Sydney results!

Last weekend we had 6 wins 2 losses in Muay Thai competition in Sydney, I presented 3 BJJ Blackbelts, 7 students completed their coaching course and Australia have a UFC champion!

Dean Young (two matches), Nelson Mayan, Joey Belfiore, Daniel McVicker and Andrew Soo won and Peter Mrsnik and Calvin Siu lost their matches at the MTA Padded day in Menai. They all put in great performances. We are not just a grappling academy! You can check out all the videos here…/mta-development-day-double-dr…

I presented BJJ Black Belts to Andrew Husmann, Billy Sam and Wade Huang. They have trained between 8-10 years, have competed in numerous competitions and now run their own martial arts academy. A great achievement!

Scott Bowden, Michael Su, Andrew Mills, Cooba Watkins, Jeshua McPhail, Michael Ali and Michael Moutzouris completed a 2 day government accredited coaching course. Your career in martial arts has begun!

To finish the weekend off Robert Whittaker won the UFC Interim Middleweight title for Australia and New Zealand!

If you want to achieve any of the above or just get fit, learn skills and meet people, click on the above link and register for your 2 week free trial!


Carlos Machado BJJ seminar May 2017

My BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) coach Carlos Machado taught a BJJ seminar at my Sydney school on Saturday 6th May in front of 65 students. Carlos is an 8th Degree BJJ Coral Belt and lives and teaches in Dallas, Texas. Thank you to everyone who attended. It was a great Saturday afternoon!


BJJ affiliate gradings around the country

In the past 6 months I have taught BJJ and MMA gradings and seminars in Sydney (Minchinbury, Macquarie Park, Kemps Creek), Griffith, Dubbo, Nowra, Brisbane, Mackay and Rockhampton. Well dont to all the students who graded. And a big congratulations to all the instructors of the affiliate schools for being great coaches!



Affiliate gradings December 2015

A busy but great month. I attended and ran 9 BJJ gradings and seminars at 9 SPMA affiliate schools in 5 cities and 2 states. Big congrats to all the school owners and head instructors for their coaching as all their students smashed it. And big congrats to all the students who trained hard and graded. Here is a list of schools who graded: Mackay MMA, Advance Martial Arts, Dubbo BJJ, IMC Kemps Creek, Macquarie University, Kemp’s Thai Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts, RMA & Total Fitness, Elite Martial arts Australia and Rhino MMA Rockhampton.